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Fashion Quake: The Most Disruptive Moments In Fashion By Caroline Young

    Fashion Quake: The Most Disruptive Moments In Fashion By Caroline Young

    by English Language Books

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    Discover fashion that dared to be different, risked reputations and put careers in jeopardy. This is what happens when people take tradition and rip it up. FashionQuake introduces 50 pivotal moments that shook the world and changed mainstream fashion forever, telling the fascinating stories behind each piece’s creation, reception and legacy. From awe-inspiring couture to protest T-shirts, bumster trousers to safety-pin dresses, this book profiles the cutting-edge of fashion, featuring enigmatic designers, risqué campaigns, surreal haute couture and radical clothing. By tracing the history of modern fashion via the pieces that steered away from the norm, Caroline Young tells us how we got to the here and now. This fascinating and deeply insightful book presents an alternative introduction to fashion focusing on 50 moments that consciously questioned boundaries, challenged the status quo and made shockwaves we are still feeling today.

    • Dimensions: 15,5 × 2 × 20,5 cm
    • Tags: Fashion, Culture Quake
    • Weight: 0,5 kg
    • Languages: English
    • ISBN 9780711267442
    • Cover: Softcover
    • Pages: 208
    • Colors: Blue, Pink

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