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on June 10, 2021

Here is this old, but gold song, play it, while you look scroll through our top five recommendations on how to wear blue jeans with a white shirt. It's a classic combination, which never goes out of style. To see the items, click on their names in the text and add your favourite ones to your cart!


This one is the perfect example of how to show your feminine side. See how the accessories shake up the MSGM Boyfriend Jeans and the LOULOU Studio Long Sleeved Shirt's vibe. The Rare Pearly Earrings By Reliquia Jewellery, the Marskinryyppyy Pauwau Nude Sandals and the geometry of the Dip Handbag by Yuzefi makes this style a very romantic one. Add your favourite Crystal Haze Mommo Bracelet to the mix.




Choose Circus Hotel's Extravagant Jeans and balance it out with a simple Rodebjer Harmony Shirt. Ok, now that the outfit is sorted, let's talk accessories. Choose a statement Addicted To Love Earring from Mayol, the comfy Aubree leather heels by GESTUZ and to complete the ensemble, wear the newest GLYNIT Molly bag. Jeans with blue are a match made in monochrome heaven.




Circus Hotel's Wool Top with a pair of Highwaist Jeans by GANNI give you ultimate comfort for all day, every day. Spice the simplicity up with a few, cool essentials. For example, sneak a little spark in your life with Mayol's Sussudio Choker Necklace, wear Arizona Love's most comfortable Trekky Faux Pearlembellished Sandals, and bring the summer into your wardrobe with the Anna Straw Tote Bag by MUUÑ.




Rules are meant to be broken. So embrace the black and white with Rotate's Stevie 2-4 long sleeved shirt and dark blue Jada Jeans, Veja V-lock Leather Sneaker, Lola handbag by Danse Lente. And now, just break that rule by adding matching purple Serena Necklace and Nostalgia Bear Pendant by Crystal Haze. This modern flashback is bringing you to old times, but also shows you how today's fashion evolved. P.S. this is one of our favourite.. 



If this outfit isn't roarrr, than what is? At least the Leopard Necklace by All The Luck In The World is it's perfect proof. The classic Nancy jeans by Baum und Pferdgarten meet the chic and Organic GANNI White Cotton Shirt. It is the ultimate outfit for the modern woman of the 21st century. The Paulette Heeled Shoes by Miisa and colourful Loaf Handbag by Yuzefi, are what lift the whole look to the next level.

I hope you enjoyed our top five inspiration and that you'll find your favourite that you can identify with. Click on the name of the items for more details or view the entire collection here. For more, visit the Spark Le Monde online store or meet me at the boutique. I'll see you there!

Wih Love,

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