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    The Nina Swimsuit

    28.342 Ft47.236 Ft

    The Eva Top & The Eva Bottom

    26.452 Ft44.087 Ft

    The Beatrice Belted Swimsuit

    31.176 Ft51.961 Ft

    The Desi Top & The Desi Bottom

    28.342 Ft47.236 Ft

    The Chelsea Mustard Stripe Rib

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Daisy Toffee

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Mackenzie Navy Green

    21.208 Ft35.346 Ft

    The Chelsea Ice Stripe

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Leslie Navy

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Brigitte Black

    18.798 Ft31.331 Ft

    The Leslie Red

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Jennifer All Red

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Chelsea Liptick Stripe

    20.263 Ft33.772 Ft

    The Tilda All Black

    21.208 Ft35.346 Ft

    The Nina Black Rib

    21.444 Ft35.740 Ft

    The Elle Top & The Elle Bottom

    28.342 Ft47.236 Ft

    The Lucia Swimsuit

    25.507 Ft42.512 Ft

    The Issi Swimsuit

    26.924 Ft44.874 Ft
    Solid & Striped was founded by Isaac Ross in New York, in 2012, when he was inspired by seeing a friend's dad hit the pool in the Hamptons in an old school suit with classic appeal. He started his brand with just a pair of men's swim trunks with the aim to offer an alternative to the trendy but many times unflattering swimwear dominating the market. Since then, the label has gained a loyal fan base who love to post Insta snaps of themselves in their classic style one pieces in pretty locales the world over. Solid & Striped strives for elegance and simplicity with its swimwear collections, while offering exceptional quality: each piece is made from the finest European and Japanese fabrics. The Solid & Striped woman is effortlessly elegant—a timeless beauty who loves traveling, doesn't take herself too seriously but carries herself with confidence.