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Every body is a beach body

on June 16, 2021

As the summer comes, we're getting more eager to present a beachbody. And how to achieve the perfect one? Just kick back and relax, yours will be as beautiful as anyone elses. Make your beachwear choice a fashion statement and find out, which swimsuit fits your shape the best. 

Swimsuits for the boobs

SOLID & STRIPED The Issi swimsuit, SOLID & STRIPED The Lucia swimsuit, REINA OLGA Funky swimsuit

If you are blessed with beautiful breasts, this part is for you! Who said, you can not feel comfortable in your skin? The perfectly shaped beachwear awaits you. Just look for the right style. Underwired bikini tops are also your friend. And what colour? Your favourite! We are prepared to give you, what you want!


Swimwear for curves


OSÉREE Highwaist Bikini SetOSÉREE Lumiére Maillot Swimsuit Lilac, OSÉREE Lumiére Maillot Swimsuit Gold, OSÉREE Lumiére Maillot Swimsuit Brown 

Boy shorts is definitely not for you. But ruffles and small prints are an absolute go-to beachwear for the season. What about a beautiful one-piece, or a high waist bikini bottom? There are so many options to spice up your swimwear game. The most important thing, you are beautiful as you are! Highlight it with a little colour.


Beachwear for hourglass


REINA OLGA Italian Stallion Swimsuit, REINA OLGA Showpony swimsuit, REINA OLGA Augusta swimsuit

Avoid mid-hips, but say yes for deep plunge swimsuits or a high cut bikini. One colour designs are also right, just listen to yourself: which one is the one you'd feel comfortable in on the Bahamas?

 A  little hype for all the type

It doesn't matter what label society uses for your body type. Feel free to be whoever you want to be and do it in your new, favourite swimsuit. Our guide is all about how to make you more comfortable and what type of cuts work best for you. Be the queen of the summer, with the right styling and accessories, your beachwear choice could be the next thing in fashion. Your body, your choice and how you put it together. Self-express with your sense of style without words and enjoy the summer, like never before. We give you the elements.

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