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Florals for spring? Only if Hawaiian!

on May 05, 2021
When we say spring, the first thing comes to mind is FLOWERS. But how often does the smell of frangipani or tuberose drift into your nose? 
We have long been aching for freshness, scents and colours after a long winter. Let alone the urge to travel, the year of lockdown has kept everyone grounded at home. Well, not any more, Regime des Fleurs transports us straight to Oahu, Hawaii! The entire collection was inspired by the flowers and greenery of the tropical island and each perfume holds a little bit of the island's freshness bottled up inside it! Not only are they an eau de parfum but can also be used as a personal space scent, just spray them around in your room, close your eyes and imagine listening to the crashing waves of the most iconic surf spot of Oahu, the glorious Pipeline!
Jungle vibe alert! With the Falls one, you can feel your wild side and freshen up your soul. It's all about passion with a waterfall on your shoulder. A little masculine, like the cold water on your skin. This mix holds a combination of tropical spices, hapu’u tree ferns, rushing water, green mist, wet jungle moss, monkeypod bark and manoa red clay. Look at the beautiful design! It's a must-have fragrance for every bag.

The Leis is a unique fragrance, which will make feel reborn. One puff and you will feel like watching the fuchsia sunset, most likely the inspiration behind its bottle. The flowery feel paired up with young notes makes the perfect match. Frangipani, arabic jasmine, black salt and amber - just a few notes in the scent tornado. Use it on your skin, hair or up in the air.

The Shells is slightly acidic with a mix of earthy wooden notes, reminding us of the fruits freshly cut from the tree. The macadamia, li hing, santal and vanilla will boost your confidence. Use it during the day and feel young and carefree!

With the Vines, you can close your eyes, breath in the scent and you will instantly be transported to the lush greens of Hawaii. Can you smell the fresh fig and all the citrus? Do you taste the light sweetness in the air? Basil, bergamot, lemon, lavender and mint are just a few notes to blow your mind.

For every ocean lover Waves holds the favourite scent of the Big Blue. Imagine that you are paddling out to the lineup in Waikiki, the sun is shining and the gentle offshore breeze is blowing the freshest smell of the ocean towards your face. The perfect combination of crushed herbs, beachside buds, ti leaf, saltwater, ocean froth, lava rock, sea minerals and mango wood.