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Spooktacular Ideas (Not Just) for Halloween!

on October 31, 2023

Halloween is just around the corner, which means one thing: costume parties!

We've put together some options to ensure you don't have to sacrifice your fashion sense on the altar of a Halloween party. In our personal selection, you'll find outfits where trendy costume ideas can be worn in various ways even after the holidays.

1. Barbie
Naturally, the Barbiecore and Barbenheimer are unprecedented studio marketing results, but the meme-ified film duo, along with Barbie's character and the clothing she wears, have created an incredible, almost never-before-seen trend.

2. Witch
The witchcraft cult has been experiencing a resurgence since Robert Eggers' 2015 opus, with various subgenres appearing in street fashion. The dominance of gothic-like intricate details strikes a good balance with the slightly transparent witchcraft elements.

3. Batman
One of the most influential and nuanced protagonists in the superhero universe continues to set trends, as film adaptations change Batman's attire and character from one director to another. The latest film called "The Batman," features a title character who takes a definite turn towards the emo/grunge direction, engaging in internal dialogues as a troubled hero, while trying to test his abilities and solve a crime in Gotham City.

By clicking on the images, you can get everything you need for the perfect party so that you not only have a well put-together costume but also valuable, exciting pieces with which you can kick off the new year.