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Sustainable and sexy: the newest must-have brand you need to know: Secondland!

on November 18, 2021

Spark Le Monde’s aim is to pay special attention to sustainability and support conscious designers and brands. You can find many aspects of sustainability in our brand and product selection. There are brands that support craftsmanship, and others, who work with natural materials, or developing their own, eco-friendly vegan leather and we could go on and on with the listing.

For the first time in Spark’s history we are presenting you an upcycled fashion brand in the house. This Budapest based startup makes fashion from upcycled vintage and preloved clothes. Réta Vecsei founded Secondland in 2020, and now runs it with the brand manager and accessories designer Kati Lili Tasnádi. They both graduated from MOME art university.

“Secondland is inspired by my childhood, and my design method comes from the game when I created outfits from my mom’s clothes, and performed a fashion show. The floral pattern behind the logo is also based on a childhood drawing. I still design clothes with my inner child's freedom, which is why the clothes have a fairytale, nostalgic atmosphere” Reta says in a previous interview.

Réta has dressed from second hand stores since she was a child. She still uses these preloved materials in her design process. Sometimes she even applies household textiles from her heritage, or deadstock fabrics from other brands and textile waste of the fashion industry.

Upcycled blazer made from Reta's grandmother's old sheets

Upcycled dress made from her great-grandmother's handmade laces and curtains

Photos by Dávid Ajkai

Each product requires a unique design and is made by local artisans. The scarf-beanies knitted from deadstock yarn, are handmade in an apartment lab, while the upcycled garments are made in a small workshop by the hands of a local tailor.

Photo by András Ladocsi

The collections are characterized by a seasonless mindset. Instead of garments designed for seasons, they are designed to fit capsule wardrobes, and can be layered in both winter and summer. For example, the brand’s signature Mara shirt -soon available at Spark Le Monde- perfect with jeans and turtleneck in colder weather, and functions as a top in summer. This piece is usually made of vintage shirts. The puffy sleeves are cut from cotton household textile or other deadstock. And the minerals are little reminders that if you choose conscious fashion, you are protecting mother nature.

Photo by András Ladocsi

Photo by Zsolt Zleovszki

By keeping the used materials in circularity, we can protect our environment from a lot of unnecessary waste. Secondland clothing often features labels about conscious consumption and sustainability. Wearing these labeled clothes, the consumer becomes the bearer of the message.

Zero waste, upcycled coat made from Secondland's first photoshoot's background

Photo by Dávid Ajkai

Photo by Zsolt Zleovszki

If you buy an upcycled product, you are also taking part in the circular economy, which is the most sustainable economic model. Instead of presenting scary data of climate change, Secondland’s goal is to make sustainability attractive by creating this romantic world around it.

Photo by Zsolt Zleovszki

Spark Le Monde considers it important to support sustainable initiatives, small businesses, among world famous brands. We want to take part in the fight against climate change. As stated in the book From Cradle to Cradle: Once you understand the destruction taking place, unless you do something to change it, even if you never intended to cause such destruction, you become involved in a strategy of tragedy. You can continue to be engaged in that strategy of tragedy, or you can design and implement a strategy of change.” This is why we have to act against the environmental destruction caused by the fashion industry. Join us and be a conscious customer by choosing sustainable fashion.