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MSGM for every occasion

on March 30, 2021
Do you know that feeling, when you try your entire wardrobe on, and it just doesn’t add up? Believe me, I know, what you are missing: a little bit of colour. Life is a bit complicated nowadays, but try to break it through with a little bit of fun. What do you say? Are you ready? Spring some shade on yourself, here is our favorites by MSGM to do so.

In and out
A t-shirt, for the days at home and even out for some experience to collect. Everything depends on the styling. Wearing it comfy or why not in a cool way, catch the good time and don’t forget to take photos along the way. Be a cat lady or not, this MSGM t-shirt will serve you well.
Watching sunset
Limiting the traveling, you might need to rethink your options for a good time. Let’s take a step back and enjoy the sunset for a while. Dream about all the place you wanna go. Until then, dress like a queen, not just on holidays, but for everydays. Why not? Do it for yourself, be in the moment, and choose your favorites. You are just two clicks away from your greatest outfit of the season.

MSGM Baggy Boyfriend Jeans, MSGM Colourblock Sweatshirt, MSGM Socks

For old times sake
Just take a look at your old pal’s photograph, what do you see? Fashion circulates a lot, and so is the time, you can take some inspirations from your young parents wardrobe. MSGM allows you to do it with a modern twist. Look at all the yellow and purple — feels like a field of sunflowers or a dive into the lavender sea.

Source: MSGM, Pinterest