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Meet the newest members of the Spark Le Monde family

on February 06, 2022
Hello Spark Le Monde Fans!

Have you seen our new brands and products? What is the same in these new items? All of them are unique supplements for your wardrobe. The perfect white shirts, the softest knitted garments and the best interior decors are here. Don’t miss out on them!

Let me show you the newest favourites of mine. In the following pictures you can find products from Luiny, Siup Studio, Rotate, Low Classic and Ganni:

Spark has gorgeous new brands like Luiny the New York based jewellery star, that puts a great emphasis on sustainability applying consciously sourced and recycled materials. Each piece of the brand carries a timeless and minimalist sensation for those who appreciate statement accessories for everyday wearability.

What about Siup Studio, the amazing Warsaw based design studio? The concept of their weirdo ceramic sculptures is always based on a playful experience of mixing colours and interesting forms, highly inspired by nature and created by environmentally friendly and waste-free materials. All their handmade and colourful products are making our store a happy place.

Even though Low Classic and Ganni are not new members of the Spark Le Monde family, they can always surprise us with something new!

Low Classic, the Seoul based brand is known for its perfect minimalist designs and high quality materials, just as its incredible tailoring. The newest trench coats, white shirts and soft knitted garments are the best capsule wardrobe elements ever!

The Danish Ganni always puts a smile on our face with its happy t-shirts, colourful patterns and timeless, but always fashionable pieces. I will take one of their knitted beanies and an oversized dress to wear also in summer and winter time in different stylings. Can’t wait to see the Copenhagen fashion week with Ganni outfits everywhere on the streets.

If you live abroad, it’s easy to check our website from time to time to see the latest products in the NEW IN collection. If you live in Budapest or visit often, then come to our stores, because we always have something to surprise you with. The freshly opened new store on Andrássy Street is full of sparkling must-have pieces. 
Can’t wait to see you in the store! I will help you find the best items!