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See you there - date on the terrace

on April 16, 2021

The day is almost here, when the world opens up again, at least the restaurant's terraces and bars. After such a long confinement, it's time to spend some time under the stars, a very delicious dinner included. Call your best friend to hang out at your favourite spot, for old summer-times sake, or finally bring your date out of your kitchen. Be this reopening an occasion to reinvent your wardrobe. We'll help you to style your date outfit, even if  we speaking of the the bottom of your clothes, there is a chance to find something beautiful. If you feel, you don't have a thing, take a look at our Spark Le Monde store or online, to update your date game. Make the first date since quarantine a memorable one in every aspect!

Click on the pictures and find our reopening collection.


From work to bar

The season's favourite is the Samsøe Samsøe suit, which sounds like a very good investment. There are so many variability, take a look at the blaser with your favourite blue jeans, or wear a skirt of your dream. Pair up the trouser with an oversize sweather. We promise, it'll be your time! The lavender tone works with any colour, and lights up your outfit. To work, you can go in a loose blouse, but for the evening, you don't need anything else, but a top under to feel empowered.


Time to sexygan

We dedicated a whole article to the sexygan trends, but here we go again, it's an absolute must! Remember, how Bella Hadid makes cool the granny style, so can you. We didn't just be able to put together a similar set from our Spark Le Monde store, but shaked it up with a Ganni boots, a Stée Atelier bag and an MSGM jeans. Put on your cardigan, and button up only one, and accidentally (on purpose) leave the rest open.


Not everything is black and white

Though this look is absolutely black-and-white, promise us, when you wear it, you'd see the world in more and brighter colour. But when it comes to the wardrobe elements, the white pullover and jeans are items of must-have pieces! This is an example, how you can impress people in all-white clothing. The pretty Miista shoes and the hot, little Danse Lente bag just a cherry on top. But you are already late from the date, so go and have fun!


Happy and pretty

Finally, you can wear your most spring-a-like outfit of the year! The colourful Samsøe Samsøe dress arrived to your closet. Tie up your hair with our baby blue Spark Le Monde schrunchie, and match it with the Blame Lilac bag. If it's still cold for sandals, be brave and pair it with MSGM socks. It'd feel like you are on the runway. Meet your friends and don't forget to bring a spring-jacket with you. Nights can be still a bit chill.


Simple, but hot

Carrie Bradshaw teached us, doesn't matter what we are wearing, if we have the perfect pair of stiletto, we still can be crazy sexy. Choose a cozy leather pants with a sweet cardigan, and balance the comfort with a Marskinryyppy sandal. With this look, everyone gonna star at you at your favourite bar's terrace.


Cozy girl's night

Be comfortable, but still fashion. This outfit gives you all. Make your rounds all day, this look is absolutely meeting-compatible. When the evening comes, don't bother to go home before your date with your girl friends. The flip-flop will be a statement piece of this year. We couldn't recommend you a more comfy one, than the iconic Havaianas. The Navista top with the Aia pants, the Brynn bag and the Coupe sunglasses just a leasurely elegant for day time and night time.


Wear anywhere

Business dinner, date or a friendly meeting? Rodebjer's Katalina dress works for all. Be your most confident self in this simply amazing look. Its whool and cotton mixed material makes you warm on a chilly evening, without a lot of layers. The Ela bag and Luv Aj earrings give you the extra spark you craved. The earth tones and gold always a good choice, and to make it complete choose your accesories wisely. What do you think of the Vita boots and Tom Ford sunglasses?


Wonder around in our online store, click for all the eye-candy here. Come and see our Spark Le Monde store and blow off some steam, have fun at the bar's and restaurant's the reopening.


Cover: - Samantha