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Spring Trend Alert! Inspiring Street Style Outfits You Can Also Have!

on February 26, 2022
Hi dear Fashionlover!

Hope you have an inspiring fashion month! We can't get over the outstanding shows from city to city, but also found some quiet beautiful looks on the streets. These were our source to collect some chic spring outfits for you. Warning, this blog article might contain some serious trend alert. Just watch and click for more on the pics, or here.

Blues are here not to make you sad, but very happy. Anyway, if you have a bad day, have a good cry. It's better if your outfit is slayin'.

Earthy tones are here this season as well, don't hesitate to shake things up with textures, patterns and unique accessories.

Simplicity and minimalism is a way of life. Why not include that philosophy in your wardrobe? Spice it with some romantic lines, and voilá!

We think that's our favourite street style inspired look. It's sassy, has a little colour, tone in tone. Crazy and serious at the same time.

Pink is queen, do you know that? Spring brings you lots of tones you didn't expect to see, but let's face it: it's time to forget all black, and come up with something rich.

We hope you loved our spring trend alert from the streets of the fashion week, enjoy Milan now, we are gonna report some serious style moments from there as well.

Mó & Réta