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Stay golden and update your jewellery box!

on April 13, 2021
A loving heart is worth more than any gold in the world. It's absolutely true, that you should  continuously work on your inner beauty, but when it comes to fashion and jewellery, there should be time spent on the outer too. Both are important and the key to balance. It's time to update your jewellry box to stay golden. Ask the young Kate, she might help :)
This is the donut you can always enjoy! I'm not speaking of calories or sugar, but the quality of the earrings. The material is brass coated in gold and the lock is made of hypoallergenic medical metal. It's a statement piece in itself, but keeps the minimalist vibe. Perfect match for a long white dress, or for a matchy-matchy outfit. We already see you in your beautiful look in a Parisian apartment, with the Eiffel-tower view.
When it comes to fun, Mayol knows how to shake things up with Swarovski. The colourful crystals just make everything look more interesting. The look and the personality as well. The 24k golden coated brass creation speaks for itself: loud and looking for attention - but who doesn't?
Sophisticated and happy is not an opposite anymore! The masculine design with a 24k gold coated brass ring makes your outfit more of an extravaganza. Why not pair it with feminine statement pieces, like a lavender coloured suit? Enjoy your day, smile to the world and own your decisions first in your looks and then in your life.
Season's favourite arrived in a form of hoop earrings. But why not make it special with a few gemstone pearls? Howlite and 24k golden coat is a match made in heaven! Look at the harmony of the colours. It's all about the balance and the highlights of your face. Crown your look with this little star.
It's time for a little nostalgia. Our absolute love-combination is the salted caramel pendant with the hearty Habibi. Combine your favourite synthetic resin bear with one of the most beautiful, 18k gold coated brass necklace. Call out your inner child to play or be the woman you want to be, this match works for both.

Food and street couture isn't just a statement. It's a lifestyle! Reveal your truest self with this 18k gold coated brass necklace. Are you a pizza lover? Now you can express it to the world. Have fun, eat well, sleep tight and repeat!
Who said, that pearls and crystals couldn't be a match? Mayol just solved this out again. Bring some colour into the grey days, just as we did with collage-Kate. The 24k gold coated smiley, the coloured Swarovskis are the reminiscent of the 90s, while pearls bring us a little romance. The beadwork has a 24k gold coated silver buckle, which form a sweet heart. This necklace combination is just something you definitely need for the good days. Or even on your sad ones, to make you smile.
Safety pin is always handy, when it comes to a fashion disaster. But Crystal Haze rethought the whole concept, and flew us back in the 90's. The 18k plated brass earring with zirconia is an absolute must have, if you wanna play cool. It works well with an elegant outfit, but why not spice your jogging set up? You can say anything, but safety is not a word for that jewel game.

Handmade and unique - just the things, what makes a design interesting. An oversize 24k golden coated pearl is a total eye-candy and makes everything even more romantic! Wear it day or night, anyone will adore this little beauty. Perfect for girls nights or the sunday afternoon date.

Source: Kate Moss archives,