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5 inspiring spring outfits to look more fabulous than ever

on April 28, 2022
Hello Fashion Lovers,

I was thinking about showing you my favourite outfit ideas for Spring. The weather is very unpredictable these days. One warm, sunny day followed by a cold, rainy one. You need to be prepared when you leave the house in the morning. I created 5 outfits with my favourite Spark Le Monde items. They are the perfect everyday looks, and they give you the spring vibe you have missed for so long. I created a collection for you, where you can find the following products by clicking here or on the pictures.

Outfit No.1
The first outfit is a real Spring essential. This is the look I could wear every day! The perfect leather jacket, with the one and only pair of Veja shoes. I just got the same pair and I can’t wear other footwear anymore. These are literally the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever walked in. I can imagine going to work in the morning like this, and finishing the day at the theatre wearing these jewelleries and pretty long-sleeves. Click on the picture to find the whole look in our online store!

Outfit No.2
Do you have a long day? Leaving the house early in the morning, having lunch with your old friend and picking up the children after school? This is your outfit then! This light trench coat will be the best partner for a windy spring day. Tie the belt up if it’s needed, or just leave it open and let it hang over your beautiful yellowish - blueish wear. The matching top and bag will give the harmony you deserve on a busy day like this. And if you are tired of the world, just put on your sunglasses and hide behind them. Click on the picture to find the whole look in our online store!

Outfit No.3
Brown with light pastel green and gold?! Can you find a better match? This quilted jacket with those Miista boots are just simply OMG!!! The printed Ganni  jeans give a playful mood to this set. The asymmetric earrings give a little artsy feeling, while the gold ring, the sunglasses and the brown leather bag give the great stylishness. Be fast and don’t hesitate too long. They are all timeless wardrobe must-haves, so you can’t make a bad decision! Click on the picture to find them online!

Outfit No.4
A little Nostalgia Bear Pendant can’t be missed out from a Spark Le Monde trend article. This is an outfit for a woman, who has a strong connection with her inner child, and likes to wear something shining, and smiling. The Ganni emoji T-shirt and the Crystal Haze lace and bear pendant add a little fun to this amazing and elegant vegan trench and skirt combo. With these white Veja sneakers, you can go to work, or to a museum on a nice Saturday afternoon. Do you want to get them right now? Just one click on the pic to order your favourite pieces today! I can assure you, these items are also timeless must-haves!

Outfit No.5
Brown mixed with pink. Not because I’m the designer of the long blazer, but still this is one of the best colour combinations of all time. The new MSGM tee and skirt set is my new favourite! I could combine it with boots, with hats and more. I would wear the t-shirt with jeans, and the skirt with tank tops. But this is the outfit that I would wear the most often. Veja is because I prefer feeling comfortable, the ring because I never leave the house without one. And a bag, where my “everything” fits in! I hope you found your favourites! Click on the pictures and take them home today!

Thank you for reading my little Spring trend guide. I hope I could inspire you! Click here to find the whole collection.