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The Biggest Colour Trends of the Summer

on May 12, 2022

This summer is going to be absolutely fun. First of all, finally we can attend all the weddings we missed in the last years and all the parties we couldn't go to because of the virus. Fashion reacts to this joyful occasion with its vibrating colours. I would like to show you the biggest colour trends of this summer. All the products you can see on the pictures below, are available at Both of our stores turned into a rainbow and can't wait for you to try all the shades on!


We haven't seen this Barbie colour for so long. And honestly I really missed these shades of pink. It brings back all the childhood memories and makes us feel happy while we wear these pink garments.


Just like our favourite ice cream. Vanilla yellow is the new white. The perfect basics are light yellow this summer. Forget white and beige. This is the new cool! Simple yet elegant! The colour your wardrobe is craving for!


Green became the colour of the fashion weeks. It was great to see all the green combinations that fashionistas wore on the most fashionable days of the year. We are full of green stuff, more than I could put on one picture. If you are as huge fan as me, run into Spark Le Monde and take your favourite green piece or a whole monochrome outfit!


Blue reminds me the calmness of the sea.  If you are a blue person, you can dress up from head to toe in blue at Spark. If you just like, but not adore this colour, I suggest to choose a pair of earrings or a hat to have "something blue" if its needed anytime ;)

Red and Orange

Orange was the other leader at the fashion weeks. I love mixing orange with both pink and red. If you are braver, choose a green-orange outfit and you are ready to attend the next fashion week as the most stylish person on the streets!

Purple and Lilac

It has been my favourite for years. And I couldn't be happier that it's still in trend. Lilac, this light shade of purple makes green and blue eyes sparkling. Give it a try! No need to thank me later. I'm kidding, but if you haven't had anything purple or lilac yet, visit Spark Le Monde and experience the magic of this colour!

I really-really hope you found something you have been missing from your wardrobe for a long time. This is your chance to turn your outfits into rainbow! Have a beautiful, joyful and happy summer!!!