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The 12 gifts of Christmas

on December 12, 2021

Before you start reading: to make the holiday shopping a great experience (yes, it’s possible with Spark Le Monde), and have fun while doing it (not kidding): put on this episode of Friends: The One With the Holiday Armadillo (Season 7, Episode 10)  and have fun. If you are not a Friends person (what?!), then put on a nice holiday playlist and enjoy the calm vibes.

I'm in love with the Holidays, but finding out what to give to your beloved ones is a very stressful and hard part. Looking for the perfect gift takes a lot of time and energy. That’s the reason Spark created a Holiday Gift Guide to help you out. You don’t need to do more than just laying back on your couch, with a glass of wine and scrolling through this guide. You can find The Holiday Gift Guide Collection here. And if you are in Budapest, come and visit us, from now on at two locations.

Let me show you some gift ideas below. In these categories, you can find something for each of your relatives and friends. 

The always great classical scented candle

How can you pass the Holidays without a scented candle? Or without a BOY SMELLS candle? This time we brought you a box with three in it. This box is very decorative and a compact gift for literally anybody. Don’t think too much, take it and make someone very happy.



Ceramics are becoming more and more popular these years. Spark Le Monde offers the most beautiful vases from the Warsaw based Siup Studio. Can you imagine these colourful vases as the main home decoration in your living room? If your loved one is into interior design, don’t hesitate and take one of these beauties.

A warm scarf and a warmer hat
Does she love fashion and has a very aesthetic style? Buy her the warmest and softest alpaca wool scarf and beanie from Rodebjer. You can’t go wrong with these soft treasures.

That holiday sweater 

When you spend those (holi)days on the couch and watching Love Actually for the fifth time, she will need a warm sweater to feel the coziness. I can’t show you the basic Christmas sweater with Santa on it, but a better one for sure. And not even just one. Starting with Ganni and Circus Hotel and finishing the list with MSGM, it doesn’t sound bad, right?

The perfect jogging set 

Does your girlfriend like wearing her cozy, but old and torn jogging set all day? Surprise her with a new, perfect shade of yellow Ganni set, and a knitted beanie to complete the look.

A gift for your mom, your girlfriend or your brother's fiancée

The fluffiest, softest, warmest and most stylish teddy mules by Flattered. These mules became super trendy, fahionistas wear it even outside in the cold with warm socks. Also a must-have in the household. A piece what your mom, your girlfriend and your brother's fiancée will adore!!!

The sparkling jewellery 

Is she crazy about sparkling jewelleries? Look at these Mayol earrings! Wearing them makes every outfit glowing. Don’t worry if you are looking for something “less”, you can find plenty options of beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets at Spark Le Monde.

Never forget about the books

Our book selection is very unique and is for everyone. See a few of my recommendations:

Spark Le Monde has books for the chef of the family. Who wouldn’t be happy with an Ottolenghi cookbook


A gift for the whole family?

My answer is: the SOFT OPENING book from Hungarian creators. Although it’s a tale, there is a little UV-lamp in addition to the book. And that’s the gift for the parents! When you spot the pages with the UV light, you will find secret texts. These extras make this book enjoyable for the whole family. Seriously: who doesn’t like treasure hunts?!

A book for travellers
We have books for explorers. Just like: The New York Times 36 Hours. This travel book became my favourite. On the one hand it looks like a home design object, on the second hand its content is incomparable. I immediately wanted to see all the places I read about when I opened this book for the first time. Check it out!

Gift a lifelong experience 

Looking for a one of a kind gift that your loved one will never forget? Let me introduce you to GoBeyond, the exclusive travel company. GoBeyond has now been organizing unique trips for over 10 years all around the world. They launched some amazing gift vouchers, so you can gift beyond the standard experiences! Chasing the waves on the Azores, slaying powder in the Alps or riding around the Kilimanjaro on two wheels! These are just a few examples of trips to use your dream voucher on. Also there is no need to worry about the pandemic ruining your adventure, their Covid policy is solid, you can easily postpone your trip with them. May we just add, that we have tested their trips and are very much looking forward to our next adventure. You're gonna get addicted after your first one!  Tap on the pictures below and see the details on their website.


24bottles for him, for her and for them

You can find a 24 Bottle for everybody. Perfect gift next to a knitted beanie, or a designer vase. Choose a box of gifts with the same shades and surprise your loved one! She/ He will adore this personal selection of Spark Le Monde’s bests.


I hope you enjoyed my little guide. And I wish you to find the most special gifts!