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All you need is love and a bucket hat!

on July 09, 2021

When the buckat hat trend arrived, there was no question, they are essentials for the hot summer days. They will project your skin from the damaging rays, keep your head cool and provide coverage for bad hair days! The earthy colors work great with almost every outfit, but let's upgrade your fashion game and pair them perfectly. So here I am, bringing the ultimate style guide to show you how influencers and stars wear these gems in the holiday season. Click on the pictures and find the newest collection behind.


Greening gold

Not long ago, Proenza Schouler arrived to the Spark family and we couldn't be happier! Knitted style is not only for the colder days, but also has its perks, when it comes to summer style. We decided to create a monochrome look with the GANNI bucket hat, and shake things up with some black and white. We promise, this look will be golden to your wardrobe!


Look, how cool fashion influencer Xenia Adonts wears that LV bucket piece!


Inventing a darker color

Black is chic and finally you are able to wear it as a summer style! Look at this outfit, how casually but elegantly the shades are matching. The only thing that breaks the harmony, is the camel hue, which makes perfect sense when you are about to start your real life fashion game.


Prada is a brand, which shows international trends and leads the whole industry to a better fashion sense.

Take a peek at pink and orange

The warm colours have their own romantic mood, and nothing is better, then a light and feminine dress with the right complementing accessories. Style the beige and rose GANNI bucket hat with a romantic statement piece, like the Mayol earrings. This is the all-time-city-girl look, which you need in town and on your holiday.

Look how gorgeous Gigi Hadid owns the bucket hat fever!


Choose any colour, I promise, you're not gonna regret it! A headpiece is a must - with some SPF included -, when the sun is so strong. All you need is love and a bucket hat!