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Unforgettable Moments of Milan Fashion Week with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian at The Forefront

on September 27, 2022
After Copenhagen, New York and London, the Milan Fashion Week has arrived, which I was looking forward to so much. Of course, I followed it only online, but the good thing about this is that I "got into” every fashion show and could see every glimpse of the backstage live. These few days were full of touchingly beautiful, surprising and even funny moments, which I would like to show you now.


The cover photo shows one of the most memorable moments of the fashion week, Moncler's 70th anniversary celebration in front of Milan Cathedral, where 1,952 people were dressed in snow white from head to toe, and 18,000 people gathered to see this memorable performance. Covered with iconic Maya jackets and falling white feathers, the scene itself got into the great moments of fashion history.



Another very memorable show was Gucci's SS23, where twins walked in the most beautiful outfits. It was like an instagram collage, seeing double the same character next to each other. How did they manage to cast so many exciting pairs of twins?! The name of the collection is “Gucci Twinsburg”, which is named after the location of the twin festival in Ohio. It turned out to be a beautifully structured collection, which of course is not a big surprise from the brand. Perfectly tailored suits, sequined jackets and dresses, animal prints and even a little gag slipped in. It was a thousand different, yet harmonious.



I don't know if you've ever been to a fashion show, but I'm always so scared that a model will fall in front of me. It happened once, and I felt very sorry for the poor girl. We helped her up and she finished her glamorous walk. Why did I bring this topic up? Because at the presentation of one of my new favorite brands, AVAVAV, every model fell. I think everyone thought it was a coincidence. When the fifth girl fell, I started looking for where there might be a slippery spot on the catwalk, because the "accident" happened at the same point. When the designer fell in the same way during the applause at the end, you could already tell that this was an arranged choreography. I don't think it could have been funnier than that. But the theme of the collection, which I only read about later, is "Success and Failure", which makes this strange presentation completely understandable.



For the SS23 collection, Dolce & Gabbana teamed up with Kim Kardashian, whom Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana consider to be the "ultimate muse". Kim K's role was to curate her favourites of the brand's creations from the 90s and 2000s. Then, with the inspiration of these old pieces, they dreamed up a collection that reflected the identity of D&G, yet was supplemented with new, exciting details. Kim Kardashian was the star of the show in a beautiful black dress sparkling with pearls.



There was a truly astonishing star guest on the Versace catwalk. At least I was very surprised. None other than Paris Hilton closed the show. Her look could have come from her own wardrobe from the 2000s. And this only means that the influence of that era is still strongly present in today's fashion and will not go anywhere for quite some time. But not only Paris appeared, but also Gigi, Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk and even Emily Ratajkowski. All of them looked wonderful in Versace dresses decorated with lace or in leather from head to toe. 



I could write novels about this FW, but I'll leave that to the big magazines. I would like to close the review with the Italian brand Sunnei. I don't know if you've heard of this special brand, but it is one of the most inspiring brands to me recently. The brand image is so strong, from the social media contents and the always edgy campaigns to the weird but very cool silicone earrings. My favourites in the SS23 collection were the striped puffy dresses and straps. I think what I like the most about these puffy pieces, that they can be integrated into an everyday wardrobe and they are not “just” conceptual showpieces.



Thanks for sticking with me for another fashion week. Every moment was very exciting. A street style article will be coming soon. Stay tuned so you don't miss out on the hottest street outfits of the Milan Fashion Week.