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Ondina Dress
Ondina Dress
Ondina Dress
Ondina Dress
Ondina Dress
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    Ondina Dress

    by Ciao Lucia

    119.990 Ft

    The Ondina Dress from Ciao Lucia brings all the romance from Venice to your wardrobe. From the front it is a simple but beautiful black maxi dress which emphasizes your shoulders and neck with the boat  neckline. Once you twirl around the deep plunge open back is revealed transforming the dress into something else. The long beautiful skirt makes it elegant enough for any occasion.


    • 59% Nylon 41% Elastane 
    • Boat neck
    • Plunge back
    • Sweeping skirt

    About Ciao Lucia

    Are you looking for a nostalgic journey? Vintage postcards from Italy, old liquor posters of Cointreau, the French Riviera inspired design, Ciao Lucia is your ultimate brand for an eternal vacation. The creator, Lucy Akin launched in June 2017 in Los Angeles. A traveller at heart, she studied in Cannes, Paris, London and Rome  that's when she got her nickname Lucia. The pieces have a vintage vibe and the fabrics are all about how your body will feel in them in the very first moment it touches the skin. Envision yourself at your favourite holiday spot by the water, tanning, walking in the sunset and having a nice dinner with friends and family. Sounds wonderful, right? Have the time of your life with a beautiful creation by Ciao Lucia.