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Shiny Rosa & Pearls Headband

    Shiny Rosa & Pearls Headband

    by Bluetiful Milano

    47.990 Ft

    If you're anything like us, you'll have found a newfound love and appreciation for hair accessories - they're the perfect way to frame your face. Bluetiful's headband is such a pretty choice for weddings, whether you're the bride or her maid of honor. Made from light pink padded velvet, it's embellished with a myriad of beautiful pearls to resemble a crown. Nestle yours into loose, tousled waves.

      Handmade in Italy by meticulous craftswomen.

      One size. Suitable for all face shapes and hair styles.

      About Bluetiful Milano
      The brand was founded in Milan in 2017 with the aim of bringing some spice into fashion. Inspired by the headwear of the renaissance mademoiselles and the halo surrounding the head of sacred figures in paintings the first piece of the Bluetiful Milano collection is the Renaissance Courtesan: an exuberant padded headband to adorn the face. The new headpiece in fashion went viral instantly, influencers and celebrities are loving the halos all across the globe, just to mention a few Bettina Looney, Ann-Maleen, Courtney Trop a.k.a @alwaysjudging, Linda Morselli or Alessandra Airo. All handmade to order in Italy from the highest quality materials the brand aims to be sustainable with zero emissions and zero waste. This (literally) iconic headband is the ultimate fashion accessory, do dare to stand out from the crowd and hold your head up high in your well-deserved halo.