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Rebekka Sheer Socks
Rebekka Sheer Socks

    Rebekka Sheer Socks

    by Fun Flamingo

    4.590 Ft

    This pair of flamingos in black are covered with a fine diamond pattern decorated with mini bows.

    About Fun Flamingo

    Otilia van Pold with over 13 years of experience in fashion with names like Fendi, Ole Lynggaard, Marlene Juhl-Jørgensen, Sand, Stasia couture and Illum among many others in her CV founded her own brand Fun Flamingo in 2018 in Copenhagen, the new fashion capital on the map. Her aesthetic is adding fun and glamour to the classic everyday socks that can instantly change the entire outfit. Who doesn't need a few pair of these delicate beauties that transform the everyday office look? Fun, colourful socks have now long been the men's way of uplifting their business suits, its finally time for the women to have this option in their wardrobe too! No matter if its your boring pant suit, or your gorgeous silk skirt or just your go-to jeans, Fun Flamingo's go with everything form stilettos to sneakers. And just so you understand where the name comes from: "flamingo" is the official fashion term for these fine socks:)