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The embellished-button kitted wool cardigan in alabaster gleam color from the brand GANNI.
The embellished-button kitted wool cardigan in alabaster gleam color from the brand GANNI.

    Embellished-Button Knitted Wool Cardigan

    by GANNI

    114.990 Ft

    The super soft, alpaca-blend, knitted Cardigan from GANNI is functional because it keeps you warm and comfy but also super trendy in this vibrant shade which brings a spicy experience to your everyday outfits. It comes with an embellished-buttoned front closure to create a cool but girlish silhouette!

    • Composition: 32% Alapca wool, 32% Merino, 30% Polyamide, 6% Elastane
    • Sparkling embellished-buttons
    • Fluffy wool blend material
    • Relaxed, cropped fit
    • Front pocket details

    Originally founded by Danish gallerist Frans Truelsen in 2000 then completely revamped by husband and wife Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup in 2009. Since then the brand has grown into a global phenomenon via the newly brought in brights, prints, fashion, the menswear-ish utility pieces all mixed together resulting in the authentic most exciting label these days. Ganni is certainly considered to be a luxury designer label but its prices are nowhere near the expensive end of the scale occupied by other fashion giants. Ditte as creative director has one very important rule, they only make clothes that they would love to wear themselves, keeping true to their original aesthetic of crazy fun mixed with a splash of boyish grunge. The label has an unfailing talent for nailing colorful, fun, just-sophisticated-enough pieces: see the leopard print dresses and socks, iconic collars, smiley print T-shirts and the military boots that have steadily cemented their place as a badge of honor among fashion’s best dressed over the past few seasons.

    Ganni is a true cult brand, the iconic member of Scandinavian fashion. Their life affirming and pathfinding attitude and their seasonal regeneration is what makes them so lovable for us. Every Ganni collection is a new surprise, a surprise that we look forward to receiving with just as much excitement as we used to our Christmas presents. It is incredible with how much sophistication the different moods are mixed within their concept resulting in effortless sexiness. A little retro, a little punk - this is exactly what we need to keep us interested!

    GANNI is constantly working on becoming more sustainable and planet friendly. To date they have selected three initiatives where they have achieved success in, Gender Equality, Responsible Production and Consumption, and Climate Action. GANNI is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce across their Copenhagen, London and US head offices and retail locations. As their company grows, they are intent on building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, cultures and experiences at every level, globally. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply. GANNI has introduced more responsible fibres into their collection, finding the best versions the industry has to offer for their three most used fibres, cotton, polyester and viscose. They keep a close eye on any potentially harmful chemicals and proactively find alternative solutions that are less harmful. GANNI aims to eliminate plastic, they innovate so that the unneeded plastic can be resued, recycled or composted; and circulate everything thye use to keep it in the economy and out of the environment. These are just a few of many changes that GANNI has implemented in the last year to become a more conscious brand and many are yet to come!

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