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Boquets Protective Face Mask

    Boquets Protective Face Mask

    by Sorbet Island

    7.990 Ft

    Protective face mask to keep you safe yet stylish! Comfy to wear, easy to wash and still functional.


    • Washable
    • Polyester
    • Inner filter pocket with filter included
    • Elastic ear loop
    • Metal adjustable nose clip
    • Triple layered
    • Perfect fit

    About Sorbet Island

    Sophia Mamas’ ‘SORBET ISLAND’ is presenting handmade jewellery and accessories that one never stops wearing, companions - through travel and everyday life. Her collections are subtle, reflecting the personality and sensibility of the designer, who has lived in Athens, Vienna, Munich and London.

    During her stay in Mykonos, inspired by the energy and simplicity of the island, Sophia decided to found her own label, with the emotional value of the jewellery standing at the center of her creations.

    Sophia's favorite feeling and the reason for the brands’ name: ‘Sitting beneath the shade of a lemon tree, eating sorbet ice-cream, thinking about all the good things and people in life, that are still to come.’